Notes: Well, I wanted to go for all seasons, but the 3A and 3B were pretty intense and had a lot, so I decided to make into two parts, I think it was the best thing to do. So I can better detail the next video, because we had great moments, but anyway, I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed editing it. I could see more potential in his story, since the first season had a great development and I can show more in the next video. 

Recalling that: this is the second part of my project: Evolution, Their Story and Strong Connection. So we still have two more videos, one with the second part of the story, and the other talking about this connection. Then you’ll notice I did not put anything supernatural, I focused more on Stiles and Lydia in this first part, but the second part, I do not know. Because we have more supernatural than the first two seasons, right?

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One minute and 40 seconds of Dylan O’Brien swearing in High Road.



#not only did they spend so much on most likely a custom bouquet | #they went to her grave more than once in one day | #can you imagine when they went back | #and saw that the flowers they spent all day | #looking up meanings for and putting together a perfect message | #a loving caring handwritten letter of petals and stems for their mother and wife | #was gone | #ripped away from their loved one’s grave | #by someone who saw nothing in it but the aesthetic value | #he says a hundred bucks down the rain | #the typical teenage write off emotions | #but in his eyes this isn’t just a hundred bucks | #this is so much more | #this a way of talking to his mom | #and he doesn’t want to give someone the satisfaction of taking that away from him | #and neither does his dad | #because in the end it’s isn’t the physical message that matters | #if someone wants flowers that bad they can have them his dad responds | #because it’s being able to put together that message and deliver it that matters | #it’s including their mother in something they can do together | #stiles stilinski | #teen wolf | #tw spoilers